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Types Of Leaf Gold
Leaf/Silver Leaf/Platinum Leaf/Brass Leaf/Other Types Of Metal Leaf

  The Gold Leaf
  • The gold leaf is an alloy of gold, silver, and copper.
  • Standard leaf size is 109mm by 130mm.
    * Its thickness is from 1mm to 0.0002mm,
    but can be adjusted upon request.
  • A minimum order lot of 10 sheets.
  • Color samples are available upon request.

Gold Leaf Types
Purity (K) Product Name Color grams/1000
(For the leaf size of
109mm by 109mm)
23.7 Gomoshoku
Standard color
23.4 Ichigo-shoku 30
23.2 Nigo-shoku 30
23.0 Sango-shoku 28
22.7 Yongo-shoku 26
21.8 Naka-iro 26
18.1 Sanbu-iro 26
14.3 Mizu-iro 26

  The Silver Leaf

The Pure Silver Leaf (99.99% silver)
The Eroded Silver Leaf This is an eroded pure silver leaf and has a subtle glitter and
deep color tone.
There are various products in the Eroded Silver Leaf listed as follows:
Product Name Medium gold leaf Blue shell leaf Red shell leaf Black shell leaf
Color Gold Blue Red Black
Erosion progress
The Koyo Leaf All kinds of color variation are possible.
It shows the beauty of the silver leaf.
As it is coated with a special dyed resin, the koyo leaf is durable and
does not become discolored easily, giving it a special luster.

The Platinum Leaf
99.99% platinum. It is the color of white gold and gives off a beautiful luster.

The Brass Leaf
The beauty of yellow gold can be easily appreciated.

Other Types Of Metal Leaf (tin, copper, aluminum, etc.)
We make various metal leaves, making full use of our technology.

[Difference in leaf production methods]



This is a metal powder made from leaf.
It gives a quieter color tone than the leaf itself.

  • Gold powder/Silver powder/Platinum (white gold) powder/Brass
    powder/Other types of metal powder
  • There is as much variation in the types of Keshi-fun as there is in the leaf.
    Please refer to the gold leaf table.
  • There are two types, Kasa-ari and Komaka,
    distinguished by their particle coarseness.
  • They are available from 1 gram.
  Particle Color Other features
Kasa-ari Coarse Bright Easy to spread evenly and easy to use.
Komaka Fine Quiet and gives an aura of quality. Spreads and yields well.



This is made by processing powder shaved from ground metals into various shapes.

Round powder/Flat powder/Sprinkle powder/Others




This is a secondary product derived from the leaf,
and has as many variations in the number of product types as those in the leaf.
Edible Kirimawashi powder which is often used in sake or as a cake topping is
made of only gold and silver.

- Gold leaf Kirimawashi/Silver leaf Kirimawashi/Platinum leaf Kirimawashi/Brass leaf Kirimawashi/Aluminum leaf Kirimawashi


Quality Art Materials

  We stock quality art materials related to the gold leaf.

- Materials for Makie drawings (a decorative method using gold or silver lac quering)
such as brushes and shells - A variety of special papers used for the leaf
beating process - Various kinds of liquid used for the leaf beating process