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Leaf made by different production methods -Entsuke and Tachikiri-

There are two types of leaf produced using different method.
Entsuke leaf is made using a traditional method while Tachikiri by a more simplified method.

Entsuke Tachikiri
Leaf Beating Papers Soak handmade Japanese papers in a liquid mix of persimmon astringent, egg white and lye. Beat the papers repeatedly until they become tight enough to be ready for gold leaf beating. It takes three to six months before they are ready for this. When the papers wear out and are no use as gold leaf beat ing papers anymore, they can be used as papers for extracting oil from facia l skin. Brush glassine papers with Indian ink.
Leaf Finishing Cut gold leaves one by one into a specified size, and put each leaf between the leaf beating papers which are slightly bigger than the size of leaf. Th e highest quality handmade papers are used in this process. Put untrimmed gold leaves between the papers one after another. Trim the whole set of gold leaves and papers together into a specified size.
Features - As the leaf is made using handmade papers processed in a special liquid, it gives the impression of a more subtle tone.
- As the leaf is thinner than the Tachikiri leaf, the borders of the leaf cannot be recognized when the leaf is pasted on products.
- As the production process is simplified, the Tachikiri leaf is cheaper than the Entsuke leaf.
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