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In the showroom, as a Kanazawa gold leaf manufacturer we introduce the beauty and charm of Kanazawa.
You can touch products on display and there also will be a detailed explanation about how to use these products.
Please experience the charm of the gold leaf with your own eyes and heart.
In the hands-on-experience section, you can make your own gold leaf product in a relaxed atmosphere.

The gold leaf fountain

A gold leaf fountain situated in the middle of the showroom

Let's try making your own gold leaf products!

Try pasting a 0.0001mm thick gold leaf onto an item of your choice.
Fashionable photo frames and trays pasted with gold leaf.
Other base items are also available.

  • trays
  • photo frames
  • coffee mugs
paste gold leaf
Product items

Various craft products (lacquerware, chinaware, glasses, etc.),
folding screens, jewelry, small gold leaf items, Buddhist altars (folding screens, frames, Buddhist alters, etc. Please contact us for custom-made orders.)

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